Episode 53: Retire Inspired with Ramsey Personality Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan

My Guest on the Show…

Speaker, author, and Ramsey personality, Chris Hogan comes on the show today to share his story and talk all about retirement.

Chris has an amazing story of how he went from winning a football national championship in college, to working in the banking industry, and then later joining Dave Ramsey’s team as one of Dave’s Ramsey personalities.

I also asked Chris to come on the show to talk about his passion – the do’s and don’ts of retiring wealthy.

Chris has made quite a name for himself by looking at retirement from a different perspective

“…retirement is no longer an age…it’s a number”.

Behind the scenes, interviewing Chris was a little surreal for me. Before the show, the only interaction I had with Chris Hogan was after I waited in line for an hour to get an autograph and picture with him after attending one of his shows here in Phoenix a few years back.

Here is the picture after waiting in line to meet him back in 2015…

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Show Notes

Who is Chris Hogan [2:45]

Getting started in the money world [5:20]

How Chris met Dave Ramsey [7:50]

The retired guy at 41 [15:28]

The story of the pension system [17:00]

The truth about social security [18:55]

The ROTH IRA and the ROTH 401k [24:30]

The R:IQ [27:15]

The story EVERYONE needs to hear [31:40]

Is the stock market safe? [36:00]

Bamboo tree is like investing [39:30]

Dollar cost averaging [43:50]

Should you hire a financial advisor? [46:30]



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